Scott Lebish

Scott was born December 10, 1960 in Mount Vernon New York. He started playing music at the age of four. At age 17 he landed a gig with Fantasy and for the next three years toured the United States and Canada. After attending Berklee College of Music, Scott played with a host of musicians including Robert Palmer, James Brown, Grammy winner Johnny Clyde Copeland, Sandra Reeves Phillips, Richard "groove" Holmes, Melvin Sparks, Najee, Reuben Wilson, Matt "guitar" Murphy, and many others. He also played in the Cotton Club band and the house band at Nells in New York City.

Scott has toured over 17 countries. Career highlights include the Prague Jazz Festival, The Jazz Kellar in Frankfurt, The Blue Note in New York City, the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, and the Apollo Theatre. Scott also absorbed the influence of playing the "chitin circuit" in Harlem, working at Smalls Paradise, Showman's, The Lickty Split, Nikiis, La Famile, and the Lennox Lounge.

Years of diverse experiences have contributed to Scott's unique and eclectic composing style. Composing credits include "It's all Good" with Hank Crawford & Jimmy Mcgriff on the recording "Crunch Time," Nokia, Baileys, Coke, and K-Swiss jingles, and the sound track for the Haviland Art Gallery documentary.

"I believe in a new approach to writing, combining conventional instruments with cutting edge technology. I like to blend genres and am excited about the possibilities of fusing different styles. A new canvas for composing can lead to fresh and innovative ideas."