Jeff Batter
keyboards and vocals

Jeff's career peaked rather early with a couple of appearances with the New Haven Symphony Orchestra at the age of 10 and 11.

From there he has meandered somewhat in the music biz starting with the group Jasper Wrath, a major Northeast progressive rock band during the 70's as well as Connecticut's favorites, "Eyes."

Jeff has worked with various artists of many styles including Van Duren, Hilly Michaels, Vicki Sue Robinson, Sinead O'Connor, and many others.

Currently Jeff writes with, records and produces his wife
Cheryl C. Batter, (Christian artist), and he performs with different groups as well as being involved in other session work, and jingle production.

His styles runs the gambit (if not the gauntlet) from classical to various rock, to gospel to country,

It probably wouldn't be surprising to see him walking around Grand Central Station with a couple of spoons just fo the sake of venturing into new

Jeff adds a brilliant dimension to "TrippyPhonics with his beautiful vocals, great vibes, and exhilarating keyboard style.